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Arrest warrants from Hawaii are used to apprehend criminals who are being accused of felonies and those who are suspects in misdemeanor cases. It is also common to find active warrants from HI in the name of people accused of violating civic and traffic laws and those who have failed to pay any fines arising from such infractions. All detention directives are issued by the local judiciary, while the police are in charge of serving these orders.

Apart from this, sheriffs’ departments also act as the affiants for the issue of arrest warrants. Law enforcement has to petition the court and provide information about the case before the release of an active warrant is considered. However, this requirement does not apply to bench warrants, which are also detention directives.

As their name suggests, these orders are issued by the bench without any involvement of the police. In contrast, when it comes to active warrants from Hawaii, these are only issued once the magistrate can find probable cause against the accused based on the police’s information furnished in the complaint filed. Sometimes, witness testimony may also be called to ensure a clear, reasonable cause to hold the accused culpable.

Are active warrants always needed for making arrests?

The laws of Hawaii do offer a margin for warrantless arrests, albeit a very restricted one. For instance, the police can only take a criminal into custody without seeking a court order if he is caught while commissioning the criminal act or as he is fleeing the area in which the crime has occurred. The only exceptions here are felonies, serious criminal acts such as armed robbery, physical assault, rape, and murder.

If an accused is wanted for such crimes, as long as the police have evidence that points to the strong likelihood of him being involved in the matter, he can be picked up without an arrest warrant. Yet, it should be noted that even the law states that seeking an arrest warrant ought to be the preferred option for the police, and rightly so.

Why are active warrants from HI considered the most potent legal instruments?

One of the reasons why the police opt to engage the judiciary and put in the additional work for procuring active warrants is that these orders offer additional powers to the officers working under their provisions. For instance, while the police from several counties can participate in a car chase of an offender, normally, cops would need an arrest warrant to cross the geographical area boundaries under their jurisdiction.

The police would also need to have significant incriminating evidence to barge inside an alleged offender’s home to take him into custody. However, this can be done as a matter of fact, when officers have an active warrant in hand. In fact, an entry can also be gained into third party premises if it is believed that the accused may be holed up in the property. Moreover, arrests under warrants can be effected at any time and in any part of the state.

Who keeps information on HI active warrants?

Although you can seek arrest records in HI through the sheriff’s office in your area or the local judiciary, it is also possible to get a warrant search online through the facilities currently being offered by some law enforcement departments. These agencies furnish a list of their most wanted criminals on their websites at: