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Opting for an outstanding warrant search in HI would be a sound choice for anybody who is interested in forging a new professional or personal alliance. In fact, agencies that cater to the health, day and palliative care needs of seniors, children and mentally or physically challenged individuals are legally bound to conduct arrest warrant inquiries on the new staff members that they intend to take on.

People who are keen on hiring home health and day care workers are also actively encouraged to investigate the criminal past of the individuals who will be working in their homes. Of course, experts suggest that such inquiries should be made a part of your usual precautionary regimen. If you are suspicious about a person who has just entered your circles, it is always advisable to conduct an arrest records inquiry in his name.

What information can you get through an outstanding warrant search?

If a state agency is approached for an inquiry on arrest warrants, you can find out about all the detention orders issued in the state of HI in the name of the subject. In contrast, if you were to contact the local police department, you are likely to find information on only the arrest warrants issued by the tribunals in the area. This also means that getting in touch with the FBI would get you details on outstanding warrants from all over the country.

Although this is true, these inquiries are only offered to organizations that are authorized under state and federal laws or through a court order to seek nationwide crime history information. Generally, criminal justice agencies and establishments, (non-profit, for profit, government or non -government) that provide health and day care services to seniors, minors and disabled individuals along with school districts are the only applicants who are afforded this facility.

The precise amount of information that you are given in response to your investigation on HI arrest warrants will depend on the type of inquiry that you initiate. The online service offered by the State Criminal History information Center can only be used to procure information on cases that ended in a conviction. On the other hand, initiating a name based warrant search can get you arrest records and information on active warrants that are no more than 1-3 years old.

Finally, an investigation launched on the basis of fingerprints will not only bring back a positive match (a confirmation that the arrest records do belong to the subject under investigation and nobody else) but also you will be told about all criminal cases filed in the name of the subject, regardless of their verdict.

Where can you go to find information pertaining to HI active warrants?

It is possible to seek information in response to a warrant search from the local police department or the office of the county clerk. If you know which court issued the detention directive, you could contact the magistrate’s office directly. In all of these cases, you will need to visit the office of the state agency in person.

You could also connect with a private agency for HI arrest records. These generally work online, so the investigation will not involve actual legwork. You can fill the form on this website to avail the services of a private information vendor. Apart from details about active warrants from Hawaii, you could also find information on arrests and warrants from the rest of the country. If you seek conviction only records, you could try the eCrim website at https://ecrim.ehawaii.gov/ahewa/.