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To conduct an arrest warrant search in Honolulu County, HI, be prepared to hang out at the office of a state agency for an hour or so before the results are made available to you. The county clerk’s office is the only department that will allow you to initiate your investigations by using their court dockets database.

The sheriff’s office and the magistrate’s court are the other two agencies in the justice folds that can be contacted for information on active warrants and arrests from Honolulu County. All of these departments will also provide additional details about the subject, apart from criminal history.

For example, the police have information on the most wanted criminals in the area, and your subject may very well be included in this list, depending on how heinous his crime is. The arrests of people, who are made a part of this list, are sought actively. Crime statistics procured from the police department can help you call on setting up commercial ventures or investing in real estate in the area.

The magistrate’s office can be contacted for details on Honolulu County outstanding warrants, arrest records, and criminal summons issued when a civilian files a criminal complaint against an individual. This is an order that summons the defendant to court. However, if this is disobeyed, an arrest warrant will be issued next. The county clerk’s office has the court dockets database, which includes details on criminal and civil cases. These agencies can be contacted at:

  • The sheriff’s: 801 South Beretania Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
  • The magistrate’s: 530 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96813
  • The county clerk’s: 530 South King Street, Room 100, Honolulu, Hawaii96813


What are your options for finding details on warrants and recent arrests from Honolulu County over the phone? (2021-current)  

  1. To inquire about recent arrests, call the Central Receiving Division at (808) 723-3284 or the local Honolulu PD facility where an accused is being held. This could be:
  • Alapai HQ (Main) (808) 723-3000                         
  • Kapolei Station (808) 723-8525
  • Kalihi Station (808) 723-8208         
  • Kaneohe Station (808) 723-8640     
  • Kailua Substation (808) 723-8838
  • Kahuku Substation (808) 723-8650
  • Pearl City Station (808) 723-8800                                     
  • Wahiawa Station (808) 723-8700                          
  1. To find out about arrests and post intake procedures, contact the Intake/Presentence Unit of the judiciary at (808) 538-5606.
  2. To request inmate arrest records and to do an inmate search, contact the Oahu Community Correctional Center at (808) 832-1777.
  3. To find arrest records and information about active warrants, call the Records Division at (808) 723-3258
  4. To ask about the investigation of a criminal case, call the Criminal Investigations Division at (808) 723-3609.
  5. To get general information from the Sheriff’s Office, dial the dispatch phone number-
  6. To get information on obtaining access to criminal court records and initiating a case search, contact the Legal Documents Office at (808) 539-4308 (For Circuit Court) and (808) 538-5101 (For District Court).
  7. To inquire about judicial records and all judiciary-related matters, contact the Circuit Court at (808) 539-4767 and the District Court at (808) 538-5767.


Crime statistics of Honolulu County

While there was a decrease of 5.6% in the annual crime rate of the City and County of Honolulu from 2010 through 2019, violet crime continued to be a problem for the area increasing by over 7% through this decade.

In 2019, around 32,300 crimes were reported in Honolulu. Of these, around 29,600 were property crimes, which puts the rate of violent crime at approximately 10% of the annual total. However, the yearly average of over 2700 cases is still higher than the annual violent crime rate of the preceding 9 years.

Give the urban population of the area, and the constant influx of tourists, the higher than average crime rate of Honolulu County, Hawaii, is understandable. Annually, over 45000 criminal matters are reported to the cops, and about 5% of these are violent crimes

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