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Because Kalawao County is a neighbor of Kauai, these areas share many government resources; this includes the sheriff’s department and the judiciary. So, to launch an arrest warrant search in Kalawao County, HI, you could go to the police of Kauai or the county clerk’s office that offers joint support to these areas. When launching such an inquiry, you will be asked to furnish details about yourself and your subject.

This procedure is done to ensure that details on arrest warrants are kept away from criminals’ hands. Do not be surprised if you are asked to produce an identity card before launching the investigation on your behalf. A formal application form will have to be filled to get the warrant search started.

Once you pay the required fee, you will be given a formal background report that will contain details on active warrants and arrest records from Kalawao County as well as Kauai. Another way to find information on criminal history is to get in touch with a private provider of crime history data.

These agencies often act as a third party interface for accessing data about arrest warrants issued all over the country. Whether you need to find details on outstanding warrants from Kalawao County or any other state in the country, you will only have to fill out the form given above. In contrast, learning about arrests and warrants from state departments would entail driving down to one of the locations shown below:

  • The office of the sheriff: 55 Mahalani St, Wailuku, Hawaii 96793-2155
  • The court of the magistrate: 200 South High Street, Wailuku, HI 96793
  • The department of the county clerk: As above

Remember to take a photo ID and your credit card when approaching a state department for your warrant search.

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