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As a private investigator, I understand the importance of accurate and up-to-date information when conducting background checks, locating persons of interest, or simply trying to understand someone’s past. In this comprehensive guide, I will provide an overview of the resources available for searching Maui County warrants and arrest records and how to access other relevant public records in the area.

Before diving into the search process, it is crucial to understand the significance of warrants and arrest records. These documents serve as critical tools in the criminal justice system, aiding law enforcement officers and the courts in their duties.

  • Warrants: A warrant is a legal document issued by a judge or a magistrate authorizing law enforcement officers to perform specific actions such as conducting a search or making an arrest. Warrants are typically granted based on probable cause and may pertain to criminal or civil matters.
  • Arrest Records: A person’s history of arrests is documented in a legal document known as an arrest record. This includes information about the date and location of the arrest. The charges filed and the case outcome (e.g., conviction, dismissal, or acquittal).

Accessing Maui Police Department Records

The Maui Police Department maintains an extensive database of arrest records and incident reports within its jurisdiction. To request Maui police reports or arrest records, visit the Records Section at the Wailuku Police Station during regular business hours or call (808) 244-6355 for more information.

For those interested in recent Maui arrests in 2023 or Maui’s most wanted individuals, the Maui Police Department periodically releases information to local news outlets and on its official Facebook page.

Finding Maui Mugshots and Public Records

Maui mugshots, other criminal records, and public information can be accessed through the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center. This state-operated resource allows users to perform a comprehensive Hawaii criminal history record check, which may include information on arrests, convictions, and incarcerations.

Searching Maui County Public Records and Court Records

Maui County public records, including Maui County court records, can be accessed through the Hawaii State Judiciary’s website. Using the Hoʻohiki Case Search, you can search for Maui court records and civil, criminal, and traffic cases. Keep in mind that the availability of records may vary depending on the case type and the court’s jurisdiction.

The Maui County Clerk’s Office can provide information and guidance for assistance with accessing Maui County public records. You can contact the office at (808) 270-7749 or [email protected].

Key Takeaways

To summarize, here are the essential resources for conducting a Maui County warrants and arrest records search:

  • Request Maui police department records, including arrest records and police reports, by visiting the Wailuku Police Station or calling (808) 244-6355.
  • Check for recent Maui arrests in 2023 and Maui most wanted individuals via local news sources and the Maui Police Department’s official Facebook page.
  • Access Maui mugshots and other criminal records through the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center. Search for Maui County public records and court records on the Hawaii State Judiciary’s website or contact the Maui County Clerk’s Office at (808) 270-7749 or via email at [email protected].

Additional Resources for Maui County Records Search

Beyond the resources mentioned above, some other tools and platforms can help you access public records and information in Maui County.

Hawaii State Archives

The Hawaii State Archives provides access to historical records and documents related to Hawaii, including Maui County. Their collections may include land records, vital records, and other materials useful for genealogical research or historical investigations.

Hawaii Sex Offender Registry

The Hawaii Sex Offender Registry, maintained by the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center, is a valuable resource for locating registered sex offenders in Maui County and throughout the state. This online database enables users to search for registered sex offenders by name, address, or geographical area.

Maui Real Property Tax Division

The Maui Real Property Tax Division provides access to property records and tax information for properties located within Maui County. Using their online search tools, you can obtain data on property ownership, assessed values, and tax payment history.

Maui County warrants search

Conducting a thorough Maui County warrants and arrest records search requires utilizing various resources, such as the Maui Police Department, Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center, and the Hawaii State Judiciary. You can access accurate and up-to-date information to aid your investigation or background check by leveraging these tools and contacting the appropriate agencies.

It is possible to get a complete criminal profile in response to an arrest warrant search from Maui County, whether the inquiry is being conducted in your name or that of a third party. However, you won’t be getting this information free of charge. The justice assembly of HI and private establishments charge a fee for providing details on active warrants and arrests.

It is possible to find a most-wanted list from state agencies such as the DEA or approach the local police precinct for information on cases where arrests are being sought urgently. The court’s office clerk is one agency that at least won’t charge for viewing details on criminal history.

Their office has several public computer terminals that can be used to access the repository of court dockets. Since this database has information on criminal and civil matters, you are bound to find details on Maui County’s outstanding warrants and arrest records in it. If you want to take the information collected back home with you, be ready to shell out a few bucks per print.

The sheriff’s office and the magistrate will allow its deputies to handle the warrant search for you. You will be charged a fee for the inquiry even if the results are inconclusive or show that the subject does not have any arrest warrants to his name. The agencies mentioned herein can be reached at:

  • The office of the sheriff: 55 Mahalani St, Wailuku, Hawaii 96793-2155
  • The court of the magistrate: 200 S High St, Wailuku, HI 96793
  • The department of the county clerk: As above

If you need information on Maui County’s recent arrests and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)    

  • Details about arrests can be found by calling the Maui Police Department (MPD) at (808) 244-6400
  • Requests for inmate search and inmate arrest records can be made by calling the Maui Community Correctional Center at (808) 243-5101.
  • Inmate visitation-related inquiries should be directed to (808) 243-5861.
  • Investigations-related details can be obtained by calling the Investigative Services Bureau at (808) 244-6416.
  • Details about active warrants can be requested by calling the MPD Records Section at (808) 244-6355.
  • Judicial data such as case records and court dockets can be requested by calling the Legal Documents Division of the 2nd Circuit Court at (808) 244-2969.
  • Help for crime victims can be requested by calling the Victim Witness Assistance Division at (808) 270-7695.

Crime statistics of Maui County

Overall, there was a slight dip of 1.6% in the reported index crime rate of Maui County in 2019. But, this offered little cause for celebration since the rate of violent crime continued to rise unabated.

In fact, the area’s violent crime rate has increased by over 50% through the decade. Nearly 29,000 criminal complaints were filed in 2019, of which index offenses accounted for around 5500 complaints, while the rest were connected with Part II offenses.

Of the cases registered, around 500 were against violent crimes, with instances of assault bringing in the maximum number of complaints at 271. Of the 5000 cases filed against property crimes, about 3750 were against larceny-theft. 

Of the 8500 criminal cases lodged in Maui County, Hawaii, about 3% are violent. The majority of the annual crime rate can be attributed to instances of theft and burglary, with a cumulative yearly average of nearly 7000 cases.


What information can I find in a Maui County warrant?

A Maui County warrant will typically include details such as the name of the person subject to the warrant, the alleged offense, the date of issuance, and the authorizing judge or magistrate. Warrants may be issued for various reasons, including arrest, search, or seizure.

Are arrest records and criminal records the same thing?

No, arrest records and criminal records are not the same. Arrest records document an individual’s history of arrests, including the date and location of the arrest and the charges filed. On the other hand, criminal records provide a more comprehensive overview of an individual’s criminal history, including convictions, incarcerations, and other related information.

How can I obtain a copy of a Maui police report?

To obtain a copy of a Maui police report, visit the Records Section at the Wailuku Police Station during regular business hours or call (808) 244-6355 for more information. You may need to provide the case number, date, location of the incident, and the names of the parties involved.

Are all Maui County court records accessible online?

While many Maui County court records can be accessed online through the Hawaii State Judiciary’s Hoʻohiki Case Search, some records may be restricted or unavailable due to privacy concerns or other factors. It is essential to check with the specific court or the Maui County Clerk’s Office for guidance on accessing specific records.

Is there a fee for accessing Maui County public records or court records?

Fees for accessing Maui County public records or court records may vary depending on the type of record and the method of access. Some online resources, such as the Hawaii State Judiciary’s Hoʻohiki Case Search, may offer free access to certain records. For more information on fees and access, contact the appropriate agency or department, such as the Maui County Clerk’s Office or the Maui Police Department Records Section.

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